“New album 2016. Ancestors Blood continue to surprise. Where the previous album was a step back to the primitive sound of their demos and recorded in the bands rehearsal room, this brand new album “Hyperborea” returns to and even tops the epic and bombastic sound of the debut and “When the forest calls”. And with this, Ancestors Blood has never sounded so bombastic and heavy. A mighty masterpiece of atmosphere and strength!

– Third full length LP from Ancestors Blood;
– No DMM cutting, better sound;
– Inside out sleeve;
– Includes inlay with lyrics and photos;
– Limited to 300 copies;
– Dedicated vinyl mastering at Heidens Hart / Tuianti Studio The Netherlands, lacquer cut at The Vinyl Room, The Netherlands, pressing in Belgium.

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Or check through our MERCH section.

CD still available from our label Naturmacht Productions

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Or check through our MERCH section.


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OUT NOW: Ancestors Blood – “Hyperborea”

The long awaited third album of the finnish pagan black metal masters Ancestors Blood delivers again the great atmospheric and melodic Epicness this band is known for. Yet it is a milestone in regards of composition and sound and reaches a whole new dimension.

Available as Classic Jewelcase with 4 p. Booklet coming with shirt and as exclusive Bundle

Purchase here: https://www.naturmacht.com/shop/catalog/product_info.php…

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Ancestors Blood / Heervader split CD


Finally out: the long awaited split with Ancestors Blood and Heervader. A highly anticipated, high profile cooperation between Finland and The Netherlands. Ancestors Blood is one of the leading atmospheric black/pagan metal bands during the last decade, while Heervader is a rather unknown project from two known individuals who are also active in other bands.

Originally announced many years ago as a 7″ EP split, this was upgraded to a full length album split, featuring over 20 minutes of unique music for both bands. It was expanded for two reasons: the first for not wanting to split up the three Heervader tracks, as they were originally written and recorded as three songs part of a whole. The second reason was the high quality recordings that were made of Ancestors Blood’s last ever live appearance at the 2014 Veneration Of The Dead festival in The Netherlands. Three songs were picked from this magical ritual, as they are way too good to be left on the shelves.
Both bands should be known, and on this split each give their own spin to traditional atmospheric black metal in the way they are known for. Expect epic and vast black metal with adventurous compositions and sound.

The CD is limited to 300 copies only and comes with a 12 page booklet with lyrics and photos.


Digital sales will be activated in a few weeks or so.

Order yours via www.heidenshart.nl .

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Couple of annoucements:

Heervader/Ancestors Blood split cd is soon coming out, more info can be found here:

We have joined forces with Naturmacht Productions, more info can be found here:

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“A moment of clarity” out now!

ANCESTORS BLOOOD - A moment of clarityNew album of Finnish esoteric heathen metal. The sounds to the vastness of the Finnish landscape! Epic songwriting as can be expected from Ancestors Blood. ‘A moment of clarity’ is production wise a lot rougher than the ‘Return of the ancient ones’ and ‘When the forest calls’; it goes back to the sound of their first demos. So expect a lot more primitive and rougher in sound, yet possibly their strongest songs ever. Recommended to fanatics of Satyricon debut and later Summoning.

Order you copies from:

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New website launched!

As you can see, we have launched our new brand website, according to the style of our new album release “A Moment of Clarity”. Feel free to check all the content of it and the new features it have.Here you will find all necessary information related to the band.  Special thanks to Luis Hermosilla for creating the website.

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